360 Photos and Automated Progress Tracking


Cut the noise in your weekly huddles, OAC and schedule update meetings to bring alignment with your subs and clients.


We took the power of BIM and removed the complexity so field teams can quickly understand progress and plan upcoming work.

Built for the field

Empower your biggest asset: the field team. Visually see what is installed or not & leverage production data to optimize your crews.


Quantify progress

Doxel leverages computer vision to automatically map & overlay the 360 video on the BIM to objectively measure progress of work in place with every data capture, every week. All with just the BIM and the 360 video walk on the site.



Developing an objective ground truth of your site, understanding progress, and connecting this to  schedule is easier than ever before.

Work in place

Automatically visualize & quantify site progress with 70+ systems tracked. Work In Place aligns your subs, stakeholders, and helps plan upcoming work.

360 Panorama

Get 360 Photos of your entire job site from project start to finish, automatically pinned to your floor-plans.

Pano & BIM Side-by-side

Quickly understand what's in progress & what's done and the quality of installed systems with 360 Photo & BIM split view.

Doxel Schedule

Confidently manage your schedule and predict delays with AI powered progress tracking and critical path analysis.

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