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Doxel is Growing

November 12, 2019

Doxel is proud to announce that as of November 2019, we have officially opened our R&D office in Bangalore, India!

We’re committed to advancing the state of the art in computer vision and the construction industry with our expertise in artificial intelligence, robotics, reality capture and earned value management. With our proprietary Contextual Knowledgebase deep learning technology our platform provides an unmatched Early Warning System that brings trust to construction and enables teams to deliver projects on-schedule and on-budget.

In the last year, we’ve been amazed at the value our product has created (stay tuned for more stories around this!). As a result, our customer base has grown considerably and our team has tripled in size since this time last year (over 40 now!). As we scale up the number of customers we’ve seen a need to increase our feature launch rate and our ability to process terabytes of 3D LIDAR data and 2D imagery per day.

As we grew our Redwood City team we realized that we want to hire even faster and began to evaluate several locations for a 2nd office. We determined that Bangalore is a perfect fit for our Data Infrastructure, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision needs.

In the words of Saurabh Ladha, Doxel’s CEO: “Over the last decade, we’ve seen a rich evolution of the engineering ecosystem in India with deeply technical products being developed in cities like Bangalore. We’re committed to building a globally integrated team and going wherever the best talent is.”

New Team Members in India

Rajkumar Singh

Rajkumar Singh, an IIT Guwahati Graduate and an initial member of Nutanix India, founded the Doxel India office. During his tenure at Nutanix, he led and developed a lot of the core infrastructural pieces like the Intentful Api Engine, Policy Infrastructure, and Search Infrastructure on which the whole of Nutanix control plane runs. Raj was also one of the technical lead on the second Nutanix project to hit $100M in revenue so he’s no stranger to the intersection of business and engineering.

This background in leading large technical teams building robust, high-scale distributed software running on edge devices makes him the perfect founding member of Doxel India. He’s seen the best-practices of growing an India office from just a few engineers into a large company through Nutanix’s IPO. Doxel is leaning heavily on him to build us a great culture and team as we scale up.

Mayur Nagekar

Mayur Nagekar, our rockstar SRE. He’s built out our entire Google Cloud Platform development, production infrastructure, and CI/CD pipeline through Infrastructure-as-Code for Airflow and Kubernetes. Mayur has been a one-man army and proves how much a single great engineer can do at a small startup! Mayur is a regular contributor to OSS, including Kubernetes, Helm, and kops. He is notorious for keeping a check of multiple things in the OSS community by filing RFEs and reporting bugs to the community for Ansible, Kubernetes, and Helm. His rich experience in different platforms and the ability to deep-dive into the details to figure out solutions for complex problems makes him a key member of Doxel.

Satyam Zode

Next is Satyam Zode, our second SRE. We believe that accurate data collection using rovers and drones requires an SRE mindset applied to the physical world. He is an open-source enthusiast. He spends his time writing Go and work with Open source projects like Kubernetes and Weave Scope. He is a maintainer of Weave Scope project. He is an occasional speaker at Kubernetes Bangalore, Kubernetes Chennai meetup and Kubernetes Pune meetup. Satyam will rethink how we operate a pipeline starting with edge devices in the physical world and ending with hundreds of GB of data available to Owners, General Contractors, and Subcontractors.

Office Location

We’ve chosen a location right in the middle of the tech action to be near, WeWork on the Outer Ring. We are actively hiring and those who are interested in working on LIDAR Rovers, Machine Learning, and Computer-Vision please take a look at our job postings.

Doxel office in India

About Doxel

The $12 Trillion construction industry accounts for close to 13% of global GDP. Yet, over 90% of big construction projects experience cost overruns that average 80% of original estimates and schedule delays that average 20 months.

Why? Because project managers don’t have real-time visibility into the biggest factor affecting costs — labor productivity.

Doxel is an artificial intelligence and computer vision-based system that delivers significant productivity increases to commercial construction projects. Doxel uses autonomous devices to visually monitor every inch of a project, then feeds this data to its proprietary deep learning algorithms. The algorithms then inspect the quality of installed work and measure installed quantities in real-time. This enables project managers to react to inefficiencies almost immediately and boost productivity as much as fifty percent.


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