The standard interview process is time consuming for candidates and isn't personalized to their goals. We would like your experience to be different at Doxel. This starts with understanding why you are interested in our company. If it appears that we'll not be able to fulfill your goals, we'll bow out and save you the effort so you can focus your energies elsewhere. If we can help you achieve your potential - we promise you one of the best interview experiences you've had. Our interviewers come prepared after doing their homework on you, ready to answer questions specific to your goals. Our interviews start and end on time. We don't ever check our phone while we are with you. And we make sure you leave with a smile on your face, regardless of the outcome. 'Nuff said. To help us understand your goals better please answer the following questions in 2 - 3 sentences. Please be articulate and concise. Less is more.